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What is Passive House?


Traditional building construction focuses on increasing the depth and type of insulation in an effort to keep a building comfortable.  A PASSIVE HOUSE building instead, is designed to be air-tight using high-quality building materials and state-of-the-art HVAC equipment and construction techniques.  A PASSIVE HOUSE building, when designed and built right, can reduce heating and maintenance costs by up to 90% a year!


Passive House (Passivhaus) buildings consume up to 90 percent less heating and cooling energy than conventional buildings.  … The benefits of employing Passive House standards include fine-tuned control over indoor air quality and temperature with simple to use and durable systems, making them extremely quiet and comfortable throughout the changing seasons. The reductions in operating costs quickly make up any additional costs associated with construction, and the reduced carbon emissions provide priceless peace of mind. Passive House (Passivhaus) is at the foundation of how we build better. It is how we feel better.”

Why does Centreline Architecture believe in Passive House?

The City of Greater Sudbury recently declared a Climate Emergency.  We, and our community, see this as an urgent matter that must be addressed through our built environment.  Buildings take up 40% of our energy consumption and contribute up to 30% of greenhouse emissions!  At Centreline, we know that PASSIVE HOUSE is a way to help decrease these numbers and make for a better future for our community.

A PASSIVE HOUSE building is not only better for the environment, it is also quieter, takes advantage of natural light, is more comfortable, is constructed to last 100 years, and is an all-around a better living environment for those inside.  We know that if all buildings were built to PASSIVE HOUSE standards, the occupants would be happier, healthier, and have a significantly reduced carbon footprint. 

Have more questions?  Check out PASSIVEHOUSE Canada’s FAQ page for more detail.  

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mulit-family passive house
Single Family
Single family Passive Houe

Want to meet with our Certified Passive House Designer to discuss your Passive House project? 

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